The Lesbian Socialite’s Dinah Contest

The Lesbian Socialite Contest

Are you going to Dinah Shore weekend? You wish you could get in the special events for free ninety-nine? Well, The Lesbian Socialite is looking for you to join #TeamSocialite at The Dinah!

These are the two things you have to do. First, you have to want to attend the World Famous Dinah Shore Weekend. And then you have to join #TeamSocialite and tell everyone about it. If you’re interested, let me tell you how to enter.

Stalk The Lesbian Socialite on social media. The more engaged you are, the easier it will be to see you. Basically, you have to stand out from the crowd.

Check The Lesbian Socialite on Twitter (@TheLesSocialite), Facebook (The Lesbian Socialite page), Instagram (@TheLesbianSocialite) and tumblr (@thereallesbiansocialite) are all places you can interact with The Lesbian Socialite. Then you should:

  1. Tell them why you want to join #TeamSocialite. The Lesbian Socialite parties with a purpose over here. It’s not simply about looking good and being fabulous (even though we do that). It’s about doing something good and being supportive to our community. Tell them what their motto socially active through social activity means to you.
  2. Tell them your Dinah dream. Why do you want to go The Dinah?

It’s pretty simple, huh? Get creative. Post your story on their FB page use the hashtag #TSDinah2016 if you post it on any other social media. Stay engaged. Invite your friends to make your case. Post as often as you like. They are a social bunch so they love to be engaged in a conversation.

The rules: NO NUDITY! They are somewhat dignified (at least in the public eye). Stalk The Lesbian Socialite a little. Again, figure out how to stand out. They love anything about people doing good things for the community as well as champagne, schoolate, food in general, travel, fashion and parties with a purpose.

Two (2) winners will receive the following:

The Golden Ticket: You (plus one) will get weekend passes to attend the World Famous Dinah Shore Weekend.

In addition to the passes, you will received $50 credit with OUT is in USA. You will be feature on The Lesbian Socialite website with your story about your first Dinah Shore weekend as well social media shout-outs over the weekend. Basically, you’ll be a ‘celesbian’ for the weekend. And you will get a passes to The Lesbian Socialite exclusive event at their Dinah Club House.

PLEASE NOTE: This DOES NOT include travel and/or accommodations. That is still YOUR responsibility.





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