about a. kenyatta parks

MeThe founder and editor-in-chief is a native New Orleanian and self-described gentlewoman. She is a lover of all things New Orleans, Mardi Gras, oak trees in Audubon Park, crawfish with a cold Abita beer, a shrimp po-boy, second lines and brass bands. She often says she has a ‘second line’ mind. What is a ‘second line’? It’s a celebration of life where a social club and a brass band ‘first line’ starts a parade through the streets of New Orleans and anyone who follows is the ‘second line’. Well, follow A. Kenyatta Parks and The Gentlewoman Redefined in our second line of a journey of style, discovery, life and love.

Kenyatta is a black lesbian who was born and raised in New Orleans but has also lived in Houston, TX, Washington, DC and Brooklyn, NY. But her heart will remain in her hometown of New Orleans. She doesn’t believe in the two-party political system; therefore, she will always remain an independent. She is a lover of all things beautiful including but not limited to art, music, poetry and women. She loves style, fashion and has a serious shoe addiction. So come second line with her and The Gentlewoman Redefined as we love, laugh and grow.

Laissez Bon Temp Roule (Let the Good Times Roll in French)

You can connect with A. Kenyatta on her personal social media:

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