The-Gentlewoman-Logo-(short)1What is a gentlewoman?   It is a woman with discriminating tastes in women, style, culture and music.

The Gentlewoman Redefined is a celebration of the masculine-identified QWOC who are stylish fashionistas who cater not only to the body but to the mind and soul as well. The website is a myriad of voices, photographs and experiences of us through articles, photography, and videography.

We celebrate the gentlewomen who dare to stand out as society continuously tells us to stay in our proverbial closet. Yes, we focus on style, but it’s through our confidence and creativity that our style shines through. For like Rachel Zoe said “Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak.” Clothes and shoes do not make us. It’s our individuality, our uniqueness that make the clothes.

But more than style it is a place where our voices can be shared and heard. As gentlewomen when we reconcile every facet of our lives (ethnicity, womanhood, masculinity, femininity & gender identity), we create our truth. This truth may have different points of views, but we all want equality, justice and the freedom to be who we are and love who we want. We cannot be placed in a monolithic box.

The Gentlewoman Redefined will serve as a platform for masculine-identified QWOC to inspire and encourage each other. We encourage each person we inspire to speak out and loud. It is through our voices that we can create dialogue that can create change. Thus, this website will serve as a platform for these myriad of voices to ignite, inform and advocate for our right to exist and love.

Thus, The Gentlewoman Redefined is not just a website. It is previously untold stories with style and elegance. It is a place where can inspire and ignite new thinkers, writers, activists and stylists. It is who we are. It is what with are. It is how we see ourselves in the world with style and flair.

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