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Introducing The Gentlewoman Redefined

Dear Gentlewomen (and the folks who love us):

Welcome to our new designed website! Last night (January 26, 2015) we did a soft launch of our site, We’ve toiled long and hard for what we believe is a wonderful introduction of our brand.

This is not the finished product, but a snippet that allows others to see what we’re doing and where we’re going. The Gentlewoman Redefined is more than a fashion website/blog for masculine-identified women. It’s about celebrating the gentlewomen who are unapologetically themselves every day. It’s about creating a safe space where gentlewomen (and the folks who loves us) share stories and experiences. It’s where we can be free to BE without judgment, for we want to foster style, creativity, confidence and self-acceptance.

The Gentlewoman Redefined is bigger than what shoes should go with what suit. It’s bigger than this new bracelet. While we give you style tips, we want to inspire change and growth. We want every gentlewoman to know they can live out their dreams and love out loud. And every gentlewoman should command a room with their confidence and vibrant personality.

For many of us it took awhile to get to that point of self-acceptance and confidence. Society continuously tells us that something is wrong with us. Our lives are politicized and often dehumanized.  There’s no federal law that consistently protects LGBTQ individuals from employment discrimination, but we should have the same basic rights under the law and be able to celebrate our love like everyone else. 

Despite this, we dare to be bold and break the mold. We dare to be ourselves. We dare to wear men’s clothes better then men can. We dare to be stylish and dare anyone to say anything about it. We dare to exude this confidence and vibrant personality that only other gentlewomen (and the folks who love us) know.

So, what do you think? What are your first impressions? Hopefully, you’ll find the site easy to use, clean and efficient. If you have experienced any problems, please go easy on us! It’s only to be expected that one or two things don’t work quite as expected. Let us know if you spot any typos or bugs. Post your comment at the top of the post by the date.

Thank you for visiting. It is just the beginning.


A. Kenyatta Parks