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Happy Socks And Memories of My Paw-Paw

A few years ago I noticed these colorful socks called Happy Socks in TJ Maxx. They were bright, loud and fun. And every time I went to TJ Maxx and Marshall’s I bought 2 or 3 pair. I loved wearing mix-matched socks, but Happy Socks gave me a way to be stylish and bold.

Happy1When I was younger I remember every Sunday my grandfather, Paw-Paw would get dressed for 8 o’clock mass at All Saints Church in New Orleans, LA. Paw-Paw was a sharp dresser, and he sometimes would wear bright yellow socks. I remembered asking him about those particular socks. He simply told me it was about the details.

Paw-Paw was a man of few words. He allowed his actions to speak for themselves. Socks for men were usually dark and rather boring. Wearing brightly colored socks was his way to show off. And when I noticed Happy Socks it reminded me of my grandfather’s bright yellow socks. It made me realized that I wasn’t thinking about the small details like socks.

When I get ready, I put on my socks and smile. They make me happy. I would like to thank Happy Socks for bringing back those wonderful memories of Paw-Paw. Over 25 years since his death I can hear him say, “How you dress is a way to show the way who you are so giving ’em a little something extra.” Each day I wehappy socksar a pair of Happy Socks, I am paying attention to details. Each day I wear them, it’s in homage to my Paw-Paw.

Another reason why I like Happy Socks is its commitment to LGBTQ issues. A couple of years ago Happy Socks partnered with Giles Deacon for the Elton John AIDS Foundation and created a limited edition box of seven pairs of socks. These socks helped raise money for the foundation.

Additionally, Happy Socks is a relatively new company, starting in 2008 as a vision to bringing fun and colorful socks to the world. Today, Happy Socks are sold on every continent including 70 countries. Thus, it’s about the details. It’s time to give the world a little something more as your pant’s leg cinch up and you give a little extra with Happy Socks.

Introducing Septieme Larguer

While scrolling through The Style Tudors Facebook page, I saw these awesome Septieme Larguer wingtips. I had not heard of Septieme Larguer which means Seventh Width in French. So I had to Google Septieme Larguer and find out more about the company and the shoes.SL Rosu

Septieme Larguer is a relatively new brand which was started in 2010 by an uncle and nephew combo of Marcos Fernandez and Mathieu Priess. Fernandez has a lot of experience in the shoe industry as he was the president and designer at Bowen and Emling while Priess was a respected and gifted designer.

SeptieSL street shoesme Larguer offers a full range of shoe styles and colors including but not limited to oxfords, bluchers, loafers, saddles and monkstraps in black, brown and burgundy. But what makes Septieme Larguer stand out is that they offer custom patinas. They take a raw, uncolored leather and hand paint it whatever color the customer wants. While these customized shoes usually cost upwards to $1500, Septieme Larguer only costs a few hundred dollars.

Patina shoe before coloring
Patina shoe before coloring

Actually, I priced a few shoes on Septieme Larguer website, and it’s approximately $300 with shipping. I don’t think that’s bad for a shoe that a very select few will have in the United States. If you like something different, check out Septieme Larguer for your new shoes.

But cautious though I’ve seen a few bad comments about missing shipments. I’ll let you know when I order from there how it went. I’ll give you an update.