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Introducing Courtney ‘Spiff’ Waite

TGR: Name & Nickname

CW: Courtney Waite Nickname: Spiff

TGR: Relationship Status

CW: Single

TGR: What is the definition of a gentlewoman to you?

CW: A gentlewoman is a woman who is aware of the dominance within her but coincidentally is not diminishing the fact that she is a woman.

TGR: Do you consider yourself a gentlewoman? Why or why not?

CW: I consider myself a gentlewoman. It’s a lot of different women out there but not many are into suits and what society deems at “menswear.”

TGR: How would you describe your personal style?

CW: My personal style is just being comfortable in doing something that you vision in your head. Most of the time I have an idea of an outfit in my mind and If my wardrobe persists with the necessary items to complete this vision, then I make it happen and wear it.

TGR: Have you always been into fashion and style?

CW: I’ve always like style and fashion but was confined to a box that I put myself into. With age I grew aware of interests I did not know were there and I begin to take advantage of those interests.

TGR: Why does your presence/voice matter?

CW: I believe my presence matters because it is genuine and not generic. My voice matter as it is similar to those who wish to say things I say but are afraid.

TGR: Favorite quote

CW: “I don’t care about what people think, because people don’t think” -Kanye West. People only make sense of the things that they like.

TGR: Favorite book of all-time

CW: Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert T. Kiyosaki

TGR: Name 5 of your favorite musical artists.

CW: Maxwell, Musiq Soulchild, Adam Levine, Keith Sweat and Ronald Isley.

TGR: What are important qualities to you in a mate?

CW: Your mate should always be willing to listen. They should encourage you and motivate you when you have new ideas and push you when you become stagnant.